Saturday, January 3, 2009

Latest orkut proxy

Many new orkut proxies are born daily and also many orkut proxy sites are died daily. It means the network filter always try to discover new proxy servers using by the orkut users to unblock orkut from the network and block them as soon as they find the proxy server. So, an orkut proxy cannot be used for a long time and it can be used until it has not been discovered and banned by the network filter.

Now there are new proxy websites which are just launched and the latest of all. These orkut proxy sites cannot be discovered by the network filter and therefore you can use these proxy sites to unblock orkut from any kind of network. You can use the proxy websites in your school internet network, college network and office network to unblock orkut. Now you can use these proxy servers of orkut to unblock orkut from your office internet network or school network. The latest proxy sites are updated daily and therefore you will always find a new and fresh proxy site.