Thursday, November 27, 2008

Orkut Proxy Server

The latest orkut proxy server to unblock orkut in your school, college and office internet network. Social networking like orkut is very important as people nowadays remain busy with the business and daily work. But now if you can surf orkut from your office by using new proxies, then you can keep in touch with your friends by using the orkut proxy server from your work place. For the last three months, I got some complaints in the internet from some of the school boys that their schools have block the orkut in the internet network. Now there are some new proxy sites which can help you people to unblock orkut, myspace, meebo and other social networking websites.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Orkut Proxy for unblock orkut

If Orkut has been blocked by the administrators of your network, then what will you do? It is very common happening to block the orkut community by the administrator of internet network. In most of the schools and college internet network, the orkut community is banned and blocked by the network filter but it can be unblocked by using orkut proxy. Now if you want to unblock orkut from the network filter, then you can use orkut proxy sites to unblock the orkut.

There are many new proxies for orkut and you can choose the most effective orkut proxy from the list of new proxies. Now new proxy sites is offering list of fresh and working orkut proxies and you can simply choose one of them to start using orkut from your internet connection. Also you can use and unblock orkut from your workplace also if you want. Now if you wish to enjoy orkuting from office, schools and college, then you can use orkut proxy to effectively unblock the orkut from the network filter.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fresh Orkut Proxy

Most of the orkut proxies become inactive after some time of using. Do you know the reason why orkut proxy becomes inactive? Well, there is a filter component in your internet network and if it detects the orkut proxy, then you cannot use that proxy anymore. And therefore it is important to use fresh and new proxies in order to unblock orkut and myspace. If you love the new features of orkut, then you must be looking for orkut proxies. Now there are list of orkut proxy servers which are new to your network and cannot be filtered by your network. For the MySpace members, you will find new myspace proxy which is working all the time and therefore you can unblock the MySpace also by using the new proxy servers. Now you can enjoy orkutting and connecting with your friends even from your school, college and office internet connection or internet network by using the orkut proxy.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why orkut proxy?

Few months ago, there was new internet connection in our hostels and orkutting was the only leisure time pass for the students but unfortunately orkut community had been blocked by the network filter. So, I was hunting for the orkut proxy so that we can unblock orkut from our internet network. Now there is a list of fresh and free proxies in new proxy sites which is the free resource for different procies. Now I surf and access the orkut account from our internet network. You can unblock orkut from any internet connection by using the orkut proxies. Also you will find new myspace proxy in this proxy list. MySPace is another community website that people frequently use in our college. Now you can unblock both orkut and myspace from any kind of internet network. Now there are list of free and fresh proxy servers in the New Proxy Sites.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Orkut Proxy

Even God knows what orkut is and so I do not need to say what it is. But there are many problems in surfing the orkut from many internet connections. If your internet connection blocks the orkut community, then you cannot access directly and therefore if you want to access orkut, then you must use orkut proxy. There are list of orkut proxies and therefore you can use those proxy sites to unblock orkut in your internet connection. Now if you want to surf internet anonylously, then new proxy sites can easily help you to surf the internet anonymously. New proxy Sites provides fresh and new proxies which can be used to unblock orkut and other community site like MySpace. There is list of new myspace proxy and therefore you can also unblock MySpace by using new proxy servers of MySpace. Now you can enjoy your orkuting by using the proxy servers.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Orkut Proxy Sites

Orkut is the fastest growing community site and especially in India and Brazil Orkut is the leading community website. Staring from school students to professionals, people use Orkut to connect with friends and to make new friends. In many colleges and offices, the IP address of orkut is locked and users cannot surf Orkut from your office computer. If you want to unblock your IP address, then you can use Orkut proxy Sites to unblock your IP address from Orkut.

The easiest formula to surf Orkut from your computer which has been locked by the administrator of the internet server is to use proxy sites. Many orkut proxy servers have already been locked by the administrators of internet server provider. Therefore, sometimes you will find some Orkut proxy sites are not working and you couldn't surf orkut from those proxy sites.

Now if some of the Orkut Proxy servers are not working, then they might have been locked by the administrators of your internet provider. Now if you have any such trouble, then you can use the new orkut proxy sites which are working and they are listed on the right side of this page. Most of the proxy sites in this database are new Orkut proxy sites and therefore you can surf proxy sites by using those new orkut proxy list.