Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fresh Orkut Proxy

Most of the orkut proxies become inactive after some time of using. Do you know the reason why orkut proxy becomes inactive? Well, there is a filter component in your internet network and if it detects the orkut proxy, then you cannot use that proxy anymore. And therefore it is important to use fresh and new proxies in order to unblock orkut and myspace. If you love the new features of orkut, then you must be looking for orkut proxies. Now there are list of orkut proxy servers which are new to your network and cannot be filtered by your network. For the MySpace members, you will find new myspace proxy which is working all the time and therefore you can unblock the MySpace also by using the new proxy servers. Now you can enjoy orkutting and connecting with your friends even from your school, college and office internet connection or internet network by using the orkut proxy.