Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Orkut Proxy Sites

Orkut is the fastest growing community site and especially in India and Brazil Orkut is the leading community website. Staring from school students to professionals, people use Orkut to connect with friends and to make new friends. In many colleges and offices, the IP address of orkut is locked and users cannot surf Orkut from your office computer. If you want to unblock your IP address, then you can use Orkut proxy Sites to unblock your IP address from Orkut.

The easiest formula to surf Orkut from your computer which has been locked by the administrator of the internet server is to use proxy sites. Many orkut proxy servers have already been locked by the administrators of internet server provider. Therefore, sometimes you will find some Orkut proxy sites are not working and you couldn't surf orkut from those proxy sites.

Now if some of the Orkut Proxy servers are not working, then they might have been locked by the administrators of your internet provider. Now if you have any such trouble, then you can use the new orkut proxy sites which are working and they are listed on the right side of this page. Most of the proxy sites in this database are new Orkut proxy sites and therefore you can surf proxy sites by using those new orkut proxy list.